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GIO BIKES TORONTO/ Canada Power Sport

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

150cc Dune Buggy

By popular demand, GIO GT-1502S Go-Kart is our answer to all your requests for a quality go kart at a cheap price. This dune buggy is top quality and looks great. 1 or 2 people can have lots of off road fun in this buggy. Top speed is 65 KM/H+ in most cases.

Compare it to the others you've looked at and it's easy to see the Superior Design and Quality. Start by looking at our Four-Wheel Independent Race Style Suspension, the longer Front Dual A-Arms and Heavy-Duty Rear Swingarms provide superior handling on the harshest trails. They are Built to Withstand Punishing Use, the Rack & Pinion Steering and Aggressive All-Terrain Tires complete the fully featured suspension and steering system.

The Automatic Transmission delivers power to the rear wheels through a heavy duty chain drive system, NOT an overgrown tiny bicycle chain.

This power unit is also equipped with large oversize front and back shocks, fancy disk brakes (as pictured), front headlights, rear stop lights and turning signals, rear view side mirrors for better safety, heavy duty netting at the back will protect you from flying debris, dust, sand, dirt, comfortable racing inspired seats !

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