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GIO BIKES TORONTO/ Canada Power Sport

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lambo ATV | GIO 150cc Lambo ATV Racing Quad Extra Wide

Introducing GiO's dazzling new creation, the 150cc LAMBO Super Racing Quad. This extraordinary machine comes a with custom burnt orange color inspired by Lamborghini super car.

Some of many the features are: custom built rims wrapped into low profile racing all season tires, massive dual exhaust pipes, high performance adjustable front and back shocks, an extra long dragster style swing arm, a super thick back axle with massive hub and extra large front/back disk brakes.

This is a super exclusive GIO model, a must have Racing ATV. It's one of a kind in Canada right now so acquire yours today and get noticed !


  1. how much does it cost can't they at least out that on there

  2. go visite the have octions and private sales GREAT prices GO FIVE ALIVE XD

  3. i bought one and its great. it's $2,000



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