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GIO BIKES TORONTO/ Canada Power Sport

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

2010 GIO Bad A$$ 200cc Chopper

A min chopper lover's dream come true. 200cc Bad A$$ 3/4 scale motorcycle for young and old to enjoy (those under 16, will enjoy looking, not riding). Powered by a proven reliable 200cc Lifan motor, this awesome looking chopper is designed to last. Beautiful, smooth ride, powerful acceleration. Perfect for a ride around town or commuting, it is sure to turn heads at every street corner.

The Dream Chopper sports plenty of chrome in the engine case, valve covers, exhaust pipes, fork, rims, speedometer... The oversize low profile rear tire gets plenty of horsepower to the road. The manual transmission drives a double chain system. Top speed is 100 km/h +, and fuel economy is around 70 MPG. Anyone who rides this bike is impressed, and it is easy to see why.
The dream chopper motorcycle is comfortable for adults 16 years and up. The weight limit is 330 LB. Only one person can ride at a time, sorry no passenger allowed, this is not a 2 seater.


  1. what kind of price are they going for and are you looking for a rep for north and south carolina

  2. Very good reason to go toronto,to buy and ride these mini-chopper,im from QC ,im planing to go in toronto,they dont sell them in QC and the laws dont permit them.woe



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